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1 9 6 3 – 1 9 6 4 (UK/USA)
24 x 48 minute episodes

This NBC/ATV co-produced anthology (filmed in the UK and Europe) dramatised the activities of international undercover agents.

Through documented accounts and actual newsreel footage, events were covered from the American Revolution to the Cold War.

Although most of the performers in these dramas were Europeans unfamiliar to American audiences, some fairly well-known names were also featured, such as Dennis Hopper, Patricia Neal, Arthur Kennedy, Bradford Dillman, Billie Whitelaw, Jim Backus, Patrick Troughton, Anthony Quayle, Stanley Baxter, Diane Cilento, Bernard Bresslaw and – in a small supporting role in one episode – James Bond author Ian Fleming.

Espionage was one of Lew Grade’s first successes with a transatlantic production team, featuring both British and American writers and directors.


Covenant with Death | The Weakling | The Incurable One | The Gentle Spies | He Rises on Sunday and We on Monday | To the Very End | The Dragon Slayer | The Whistling Shrimp | The Light of a Friendly Star | Festival of Pawns | A Camel to Ride | Never Turn Your Back on a Friend | Medal for a Turned Coat | Final Decision | Do You Remember Leo Winters? | We the Hunted | The Frantick Rebel | Castles in Spain | Snow on Mount Kama | Once a Spy… | The Liberators | Some Other Kind of World | A Free Agent | A Tiny Drop of Poison