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Fair Exchange

1 9 6 2 – 1 9 6 3 (USA)
27 x 60/30 minute episodes

Eddie Walker (vaudeville star Eddie Foy Jr.) from New York City and Tommy Finch (Victor Maddern) from London had been buddies during World War II and decide to swap teenage daughters Patty (Lynn Loring) and Heather (Judy Carne) for 12-months.

Eddie and Tommy agree to house and feed each other’s daughters while they pursue their dreams – English Heather wants to make it big in modelling and American Patty wants to study at RADA (the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) in London.

Eddie was a veteran song and dance man from Vaudeville and owned a New York ticket agency. His wife, Dorothy, was played by Audrey Christie. His son, Larry, was played by Flip Mark.

Eddie’s poker buddy, Jerry Dale, was played by Ned Glass.

Tommy owned a sporting goods store. His wife, Sybil, was played by Diana Chesney. Their son, Neville, was played by Dennis Waterman who would go on to great fame in the 70s and 80s in British shows The Sweeney and Minder.

Tommy’s best friend was Willie Shorthouse, played by Maurice Dallimore.

Originally running in hour-long episodes, the series had stiff competition from 77 Sunset Strip on ABC and was cancelled.

After the cancellation, CBS received volumes of angry letters, and after a three-month hiatus, Fair Exchange returned with new shorter (half-hour) episodes, now on Thursday day nights at 7:30 (moving Mister Ed to Sunday nights).

However, the new day and time slot, and the more compact episodes, still didn’t equal big ratings, and this time the show’s cancellation was final.

The Desilu production was responsible for introducing Judy Carne to America. She went on to fame and fortune as the “Sock it to me!” girl on Laugh-In and married Burt Reynolds.

Eddie Walker
Eddie Foy Jr.
Dorothy Walker
Audrey Christie
Patty Walker
Lynn Loring
Larry Walker
Flip Mark
Tommy Finch
Victor Maddern
Sybil Finch
Diana Chesney
Heather Finch
Judy Carne
Neville Finch
Dennis Waterman
Willie Shorthouse
Maurice Dallimore
Jerry Dale
Ned Glass