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Fellows, The

1 9 6 7 (UK)
13 x 60 minute episodes

A follow-up series to The Man In Room 17 (and indeed subtitled Late of Room 17), The Fellows focused on two Government-financed crime-crackers, Oldenshaw (Richard Vernon) and Dimmock (Michael Aldridge), who had, at last, left the famous Room 17 to take up residence at All Saints’ College, Cambridge.

Appointed by the Home Office to the Peel Research Fellowship, their role now was to study how the nature of crime changed as society evolved.

However, they soon re-established themselves as formidable detectives, calling on the assistance of number-cruncher Mrs Hollinsczech (Jill Booty) and servant Thomas Anthem (James Ottaway).

Alec Spindoe (Ray McAnally), a gangster convicted during the series, was later given his own spin-off show, Spindoe.

Edwin Oldenshaw
Richard Vernon
Ian Dimmock
Michael Aldridge
Mrs Hollinsczech
Jill Booty
Thomas Anthem
James Ottaway
Alec Spindoe
Ray McAnally