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Fire Crackers

1 9 6 4 – 1 9 6 5 (UK)
13 x 30 minute episodes

The incompetent firemen of Cropper’s End (population: 70) were the stars of this slapstick comedy series (a la The Keystone Cops) along with “Bessie” – their antique fire engine, made circa 1907, and borrowed for the series from the Montagu Motor Museum.

The inept fire crew included Joe Baker, Alfred Marks, Cardew Robinson, Sydney Bromley and Ronnie Brody.


When the fire crew were not at work, they were playing poker, sleeping or quenching their thirst on the local brew down at the Cropper’s Arms.

When they did have to work (like when their fire station caught fire) they set to it with hatchets, hoses and no little reluctance, ‘speeding’ to the blaze in the 60-year-old “Bessie”.

This ATV series was written by Fred Robinson and produced by Alan Tarrant.

It bore a close resemblance to Will Hay’s film Where’s That Fire?, made in the same Elstree studio 25 years earlier.

Sydney Bromley – who played Willie in the TV series – was even visibly similar to Moore Marriott.

Alfred Marks

Joe Baker
Weary Willie 

Sydney Bromley

Ronnie Brody

Clive Elliott

Cardew Robinson

Colin Douglas
Maureen Toal
Station Officer Blazer 

John Arnatt (1)
Martin Boddey (2)
Leading Fireman Piggott 

Norman Chappell