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First Impressions

1 9 6 4 (UK)

This short-lived BBC panel game show debuted on 27 October 1964.

Concealed in a sound-proof booth, a celebrity was first heard only by the Chairman, (Terence Brady – previously seen in Dig This Rhubarb) wearing an earpiece. Portraits of five “possibles” were shown and the panel of three celebrity guests then threw in a few exploratory questions.

The audience was now let in on the secret identity of the celebrity while the players took it in turns to ply the celebrity with questions. They received their answers via the Chairman, so no identification was possible by the sound of the voice.

The questions had to take the form of sentences to be completed, for example; “If my house caught fire . . .” or “When I think of women . . .”.

Question-time ended, the panel were allowed thirty seconds’ thinking time before voting and stating their reasons. The celebrity then stepped into view and a lively analysis of the questions and answers followed.

Each programme introduced three celebrity names. The first episode had historian and journalist A.J.P Taylor, Diana Dors and television writer John Watt.

Terence Brady