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Flight Of The Heron

1 9 6 8 (UK)
8 x 30 minute episodes

The late Finlay Currie starred in this rather epic Scottish Television serialisation of the 1925 novel by D.K. Broster which centred on fictional events at the time of the non-fictional Jacobite Rebellion of 1746 and leading up to the Battle of Culloden.

Angus McMartin (Currie) was the blind soothsayer who foresaw the flight of the heron, which was meant to herald the coming together of a young highland chieftain and an English officer.

His prophecy is fulfilled by Ewen Cameron (Ian McCulloch) and Captain Keith Windham (Jon Laurimore), who – although on opposing sides – come to know and respect one another.

However, one of the bloodiest battles fought on British soil is on the way and one that would tear apart the clan system in Scotland forever.

The production was Scottish Television’s most expensive children’s drama at that time and their investment amounted to around £60,000.

Much of this was recouped by repeating the series on the same night but in a late-night slot for adults – illustrating the strength of children’s drama in the 1960s.

Extra credence was given to the series by filming all location scenes on the exact spot where the actual events had taken place some 200 years previously – among them, Fort Augustus at the southern end of Loch Ness.

Directed by Alison Reid, the series was sold to Hong Kong, Malta, Sierra Leone and Zambia. Unfortunately, Finlay Currie passed away shortly after the series was made.

Angus MacMartin
Finlay Currie
Captain Keith Windham
Jon Laurimore
Ewen Cameron
Ian McCulloch
Lachlan MacMartin
Bill Henderson
Alison Grant
Sheila Whittingham
Neil MacMartin
Bob Docherty
Prince Charles
Bruce McKenzie
Aunt Margaret
Sophie Stewart
Dr Archie Cameron
John Young
Major Guthrie
James Copeland
Colonel O’Sullivan
Constantine Gregory
Mr Grant
Willie Joss
Louise MacLaren
Leonard Maguire
Alex McCrindle
Captain Greening
Tom Conti
Sir Everard Faulkner
Richard Wilson
Lieutenant Sharpe
Paul Young


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