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Flying Swan, The

1 9 6 5 (UK)
26 x 45 minute episodes

This Saturday evening drama series from BBC1 revolved around happenings at The Flying Swan, a hotel picturesquely situated on the River Thames and renowned for its efficient staff, headed by the widowed Mollie Manning (Margaret Lockwood).

Other regular characters included Prue, the receptionist (Wendy Hall); Fred Potter the bar steward (Tom Watson); his girlfriend Maisie, the barmaid and wine waitress (Nerys Hughes) who was constantly agitating for a June wedding; the Scottish general factotum Jessie McDonald (Molly Urquhart); and Mrs Manning’s daughter, Carol (Margaret Lockwood’s daughter, Julia), an air hostess with Peregrine Air Lines who was able to come home between flights as the hotel was quite near London Airport.

The programme was based on a previous BBC series, The Royalty (1957 -1958), in which Margaret Lockwood played the manageress of a larger London hotel. Daughter Julia was also in that series, as was Molly Urquhart.

The theme music was by Ron Grainer.

Mollie Manning
Margaret Lockwood
Carol Manning
Julia Lockwood
Jessie McDonald
Molly Urquhart
Dwight Cooper
Hugh McDermott
Wendy Hall
Gillian Royale
John Boyd-Brent
Fred Potter
Tom Watson
Nerys Hughes
Charlie Manders
Garry Marsh
Piers Franklin
Norman Mitchell


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