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Formula For Danger

1 9 6 0 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

Young Erik Stahl (Joseph Cuby) escapes to Britain from the (fictional) European country of Ostonia. In his possession is a secret formula (Formula 987) discovered by his scientist father (Stratford Johns), a victim of political oppression.

The formula is for a chemical that could revolutionise industry, but if it fell into the wrong hands the world would face a disaster like no other before.

Soon after his arrival in England, Erik, hotly pursued by foreign agents, takes refuge at a London secondary modern school where he makes friends with two students Roger (David Langford) and Pat (Jeanette Bradbury).

Here the school lab is put to good use as the youngsters try out the formula much to the startled amazement of their science teacher (Ken Watson).

But Erik’s experiment brings him to the attention of ruthless businessman Mr Petersen (Peter Stephens), and when the press hears of the formula, Erik faces a moral dilemma.

His father had told him that if the discovery was ever likely to be used for evil he must destroy it immediately.

Formula For Danger was a 7-part Sunday adventure series broadcast at 5.15pm throughout March and most of April 1960.

Four of the cast received so much fan mail that ATV teamed them up again later in the year for Mill of Secrets.

Erik Stahl
Joseph Cuby
Roger Gale
David Langford
Janet Bradbury
Nina Sjapary
Gene Anderson
Mr Winston
Kenneth Watson
John Abineri
John Adan
Malcolm Ranson
Mary Stahl
Irene Sutcliffe
John Carson

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