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For The People

1 9 6 5 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

David Koster (William Shatner) is an obsessive, strong-willed New York City assistant district attorney who gets into trouble because of his passion for justice.

His boss, bureau chief Anthony Celese (Howard Da Silva), tries to keep him under control while New York police detective Frank Malloy (Lonny Chapman) helps him with evidence to prosecute his cases.

Koster’s wife Phyllis (Jessica Walter) is a viola player in a string quartet and her own life’s priorities regularly come into conflict with David’s.

For The People was produced for CBS by Plautus Productions, the company responsible for The Defenders. The series was not successful, and a year later Shatner took the captain’s chair on the USS Enterprise – and the rest is history.

David Koster
William Shatner
Anthony Celese
Howard Da Silva
Frank Malloy
Lonny Chapman
Phyllis Koster
Jessica Walter