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My Friend Tony

1 9 6 9  (USA)
42 x 30 minute episodes

The ubiquitous Sheldon Leonard of I Spy and Andy Griffith fame returned with this NBC series about professor of criminology John Woodruff (James Whitmore) and his young Italian leg man, Tony Novello (newcomer Enzo Cerusico).

Woodruff travelled around the world hiring himself out as a consultant to police departments and the CIA.

Enzo Cerusico (pictured below left) arrived in Hollywood with a vast ignorance of the English language. His vocabulary consisted of “Buzz off”, which he picked up from the crew, and “Stick ’em up”, a phrase used by two plain-clothes policemen who came upon Enzo and friend Sandro pushing a stalled car down the street at 2.00 AM.


Professor John Woodruff
James Whitmore
Tony Novello
Enzo Cerusico