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Not In Front Of The Children

1 9 6 7 – 1 9 7 0 (UK)
37 x episodes
2 x Christmas specials

Beginning as a 1967 Comedy Playhouse presentation, Not in Front of the Children was the first of the sitcoms in which Wendy Craig was cast in the role of harassed and dizzy mother that she was later to make peculiarly her own with And Mother Makes Three and And Mother Makes Five.

Resilient and yet sensitive (or, according to critics of the programme and its successors, simpering and middle-class), her character Jennifer Corner held the family together through crises both trivial and more serious.


The character appealed to thousands of real women whose days were similarly filled.

Grumpy husband Henry was originally played by Paul Daneman and later by Ronald Hines. The children were Trudi (initially Roberta Tovey, and later Verina Greenlaw), Robin (Hugo Keith-Johnston) and Amanda (Jill Riddick).

The series also ran on BBC radio.

Jennifer Corner 
Wendy Craig
Henry Corner 

Paul Daneman (1)
Ronald Hines (2)
Trudi Corner 

Roberta Tovey (1)
Verina Greenlaw (2)
Robin Corner 

Hugo Keith-Johnston
Amanda Corner 

Jill Riddick


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