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Front Page Story

1 9 6 5 (UK)
26 x 55 minute episodes

This ATV series took viewers into the offices of a (fictitious) daily newspaper – The Globe – on Fleet Street, which at that time was the centre of the British newspaper industry.

Made by Rex Firkin (who also produced The Plane Makers), Front Page Story starred London-born actor John Bennett as Ray Boscombe, the ambitious, power-seeking editor.

The other main characters were Denny Tarrant (Derek Godfrey) a persistent, unflappable chap who relied often on his smooth charm, Paddy Lucas (Harry Towb), a lazy journalist who was very persuasive and argumentative, rival newspaper reporter John Brownhill (Patrick Mower), and the Globe‘s Editorial Director Vic Stafford played by Ivor Dean (familiar to British viewers as Inspector Claude Eustace Teal in The Saint)

For the sake of authenticity, many scenes were actually shot in Fleet Street, using a new outside broadcast technique with a single-camera unit mounted on the roof of a vehicle that contained sound and vision controls and a videotape recording machine.

The technique (called Monoculous) was considered quite innovative at the time.

Ray Boscombe
John Bennett
Vic Stafford
Ivor Dean
Denny Tarrant
Derek Godfrey
Paddy Lucas
Harry Towb
Liz Rivers
Jessica Dunning
John Brownhill
Patrick Mower
Sandy Warren
Basil Henson
Jeremy Batson

Geoffrey Bayldon
Alec Ritchie
Roddy McMillan