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1 9 6 8 (UK)
8 x 55 minute episodes

This drama series from ABC Television followed the fortunes and activities of a British battalion during their actions in Northern India during the 1880s.

The external scenes were actually shot in Snowdonia in North Wales, but it was still touted as the most expensive series ever produced locally by an independent television company.

The main characters were Lieutenant Clive Russell (Gary Bond), Colour Sgt. O’Brien (Patrick O’Connell), Captain Stoughton (James Maxwell), Lieutenant-Colonel Whitley (John Phillips) and Paul Eddington as Hamilton Lovelace, a civilian war correspondent.

The series producer was Michael Chapman

Lieutenant Clive Russell
Gary Bond
Hamilton Lovelace
Paul Eddington
Captain Stoughton
James Maxwell
Colour Sgt. O’Brien
Patrick O’Connell
Lieutenant-Colonel Whitley
John Phillips
Sgt. Peters
Roger Rowland
Captain Moncrieff
Fulton Mackay
Mortimer Berkeley
Peter Barkworth
Captain Hume
Paul Darrow
Captain Rankin-Keogh
Peter Jeffrey
Lieutenant James Russell
Stanley McGeagh
Private Kitson
Gareth Hunt