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Frost Programme, The

1 9 6 6 – 1 9 6 8 (UK)
1 9 7 0 – 1 9 7 3 (UK)
1 9 7 7 (UK)
1 9 9 3 – 1 9 9 5 (UK)

After coming to fame with That Was The Week That Was and achieving more success with Not So Much A Programme, More A Way of Life and The Frost Report, David Frost moved to ITV where he made The Frost Programme, a more hard-hitting news based programme that garnered plaudits and controversy in equal measure.

Guests on The Frost Programme included such controversial political figures as Sir Oswald Mosley (leader in the 1930s of the British Union of Fascists), and Ian Smith (the Rhodesian prime minister and defender of minority rule).

But the show was most significant for Frost’s combative interview in 1967 with Emil Savundra, in which he angrily challenged the insurance fraudster before a studio audience that included Savundra’s victims.

The interview was criticised as trial by television and ITV managers worried that the interview compromised Savundra’s right to a fair trial.

Also in 1967, John Lennon and George Harrison made two rare television appearances on The Frost Programme, where they discussed meditation and the use of LSD