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1 9 6 8 (UK)
13 x 60 minute episodes

London millionaire playboy, James Hadleigh (Gerald Harper) returns to his Yorkshire birthplace (the fictional town of Westdale) and buys the small local weekly newspaper his father founded.

Hadleigh’s plans to turn the Gazette into a relevant force for change upsets its plodding editor, Frank Walters (Jon Laurimore). Gillian Wray costarred as rookie reporter Sue Jackson.

gazette1 gazette2

This 13-part drama series was from Yorkshire Television. James Hadleigh returned in 1970 in the series Hadleigh with Gerald Harper once more playing the suave, sophisticated country squire who championed the underdog.

James Hadleigh
Gerald Harper 
Frank Walters 

Jon Laurimore
Susan Jackson
Gillian Wray 
Bill Spence 

Michael Blackham
Colonel Chamberlayne 

Ralph Michael
Mrs Chamberlayne

Vivienne Burgess


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