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Gentle Ben

1 9 6 7 – 1 9 6 9 (USA)
56 episodes

Exploring the Bear River Game Reserve in the Florida Everglades, eight- year- old Mark Wedloe (whose father is the game warden in the reserve) stumbles upon a baby bear cub.

Suddenly, confronted by its angry mother, he climbs to the safety of a tree. As the bear approaches her cub, she is killed by Fog Hanson, a hunter.

Unaware of Mark’s presence. Fog takes the cub. The next day, Mark discovers the bear cub concealed in Fog’s waterfront shack. Sneaking in to feed the cub, he befriends him and names him Ben.

Months later, when Mark overhears Fog talking about killing the now fully grown bear, he becomes desperate and takes the bear to the safety of the woods.

When Mark’s mother, Ellen, finds him with the bear she demands that he take Ben back, but Mark convinces his father, Tom, to purchase the 650-pound American black bear.

Mark Wedloe
Clint Howard
Tom Wedloe

Dennis Weaver
Ellen Wedloe

Beth Brickell
Henry Broomhauer

Rance Howard

Jack Morley

Angelo Rutherford