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Ghost And Mrs Muir, The

1 9 6 8 – 1 9 7 0 (USA)
51 x 30 minute episodes

The ghost is Captain Daniel Gregg, an irascible but charming sea captain who died prematurely and tragically one night when he accidentally kicked over the gas heater by his bedside in his beloved house by the sea, Gull Cottage.


Carolyn Muir (pictured at right), a young widow, moves into Gull Cottage 100 years later with her two children, Candace and Jonathan, and a wire-haired terrier called Scruffy. The family are joined by Martha, their faithful housekeeper.

Jonathan is able to see the Captain from the very beginning, as is Scruffy the dog. Jonathan’s older sister, Candace, however, is unaware of the Captain’s presence until the second season.

The good Captain makes his presence known only to adults who he desires to be seen by. Claymore Gregg (unfortunately for him) is aware of the Captain’s existence and Carolyn is introduced to the Captain shortly after arriving in Gull Cottage.

Martha does not meet the Captain until much later (during the show’s second season)

gamm15Claymore, the town’s realtor, justice of the peace, clerk, fire chief, president of the city council (and any other office which has a title) claims to be the dead Captain’s great nephew.

The Captain, on the other hand, adamantly denies that Claymore is related to him in any way, being, as he is, an “only son of an only son” and claims never to have met his ‘nephew’s’ grandmother. Captain Gregg usually refers to Claymore as a “scurvy swab” or a “malingering bilge-blister”.

Not to be confused with the Twentieth Century Fox film (1947) starring Rex Harrison and Gene Tierney as Lucy Muir.

Mrs Carolyn Muir 
Hope Lange
Captain Daniel Gregg

Edward Mulhare
Claymore Gregg 

Charles Nelson Reilly
Jonathan Muir 

Harlen Carraher
Candace Muir 

Kellie Flanagan
Martha Grant 

Reta Shaw