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Ghost Squad

1 9 6 1 – 1 9 6 4 (UK)
52 x 50 minute episodes

More undercover agents at work with an international brief as an elite Scotland Yard unit infiltrates the British underworld. Ghost Squad was based on the memoirs of real-life Scotland Yard undercover detective, John Gosling.

L to R: Tony Miller, Nick Craig and Geoffrey Stock.

Shakespearean actor Donald Wolfit starred as the boss, Sir Andrew Wilson, and American Michael Quinn was Nick Craig. Australian Ray Barrett played the quietly lethal agent, Peter Clarke (pictured below right).

Other characters included strong-armed Tony Miller (Neil Hallett) and typist-turned-detective Jean Carter (Claire Nielson).

For the latter part of its run, the series was transmitted as GS5.

Nick Craig
Michael Quinn
Sir Andrew Wilson
Donald Wolfit
Tony Miller
Neil Hallett
Helen Winters
Angela Browne
Geoffrey Stock
Anthony Marlowe
Jean Carter
Claire Nielson
Peter Clarke
Ray Barrett