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Gideon’s Way

1 9 6 4 – 1 9 6 5 (UK)
26 x 60 minute episodes


This ATV police drama series starred John Gregson as Commander George Gideon of the CID, who seemed to be in constant conflict with his young scientifically-minded assistant, Detective Chief Inspector David Keen (played by Alexander Davion).

Ian Rossiter played Detective Chief Superintendent Bell and Daphne Anderson featured as Gideon’s wife, Kate.

Gideon’s Way was based on novels by John Creasey and adapted from the 1958 movie version (Gideon’s Day) which had starred Jack Hawkins.

gideonsway7Extensively shot on location, the documentary style of the direction lent itself wonderfully to fast-paced, thrilling action stories.

Guest stars on the series included Lois Maxwell, Nicola Pagett, Jean Marsh, Alfie Bass, Derek Fowlds, Annette Andre, Mike Pratt, George Sewell and Donald Sutherland.

The series was shown in the US as Gideon CID.

gideon_davionCommander George Gideon
John Gregson
DCI David Keen
Alexander Davion
DCS Bell
Ian Rossiter
Kate Gideon
Daphne Anderson


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