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Good Morning, Mr Doubleday

1 9 6 9 (Australia)
26 x 30 minute episodes

This Australian comedy series featured Robinson Doubleday (New Zeland-born Gerry Gallagher), the bumbling science teacher at Kannabri High School, a co-ed country secondary school in rural Victoria.

His girlfriend (and later fiancée), home economics teacher Jenny Hamilton, was played by English actress Katy Wild.

Supporting characters included Doubleday’s best pal, history teacher Wes “Tobe” Tobin (‘Tobe’) (Allan Lander) and eccentric English teacher Beryl Garney (Kay Eklund), school principal Bates (William Hodge) and students Walter Murdock (Robert Brockman) and Madeline Donetti (Naomi Swart).

Later episodes introduced Tobe’s fiancee, Sandra Hunter (Joy Mitchell) and Jenny’s father (Tony Bazell). Comedian Mary Hardy made a guest appearance in an early episode as ex-Army physical education teacher Phylis McTaggart. The character eventually replaced Eklund’s Beryl Garney from episode 12 onwards.

Guests included Barry Creyton and Tom Oliver.

Shot entirely on video using the newly-developed ‘Back-Pack’ portable camera, this Aussie series was based on the American sitcom, Mr Peepers (1952 – 1955). Exterior filming took place at Kyneton in Victoria. Interior scenes were shot at the ATV-0 studios in Melbourne.

Beginning in primetime weekend slots, low ratings saw the show moved to weeknights after 9:00 pm.

If we should raise our standards high
We all shall thank thee, Kannabri
As through the future’s distant days
We all shall go our separate ways
And when temptation draws us nigh
We will remember Kannabri
At seasons end our thoughts shall fly
To childhood days at Kannabri

Robinson Doubleday
Gerry Gallagher
Jenny Hamilton
Katy Wild
Wes “Tobe” Tobin
Allan Lander
Phyllis McTaggart
Mary Hardy
Beryl Garney
Kay Eklund
Sandra Hunter
Joy Mitchell
Mr Hamilton
Tony Bazell
Mrs Hamilton
Barbara Brandon
Principal Bates
William Hodge
Walter Murdock
Robert Brockman
Madeline Donetti
Naomi Swart
Percival Allnutt
David Atkins


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