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Guns of Will Sonnett, The

1 9 6 7 – 1 9 6 9 (USA)
50 x 30 minute episodes

Ex-cavalry scout and gunfighter Will Sonnett (Walter Brennan) and his 20-year-old grandson, Jeff (Dack Rambo), search the West for Will’s son – and Jeff’s father – Jim Sonnett, a former lawman and gunslinger, who has avoided seeing his son in order to keep him away from the assortment of killers and bounty hunters who are after him.

Will and Jeff begin their search in 1872 and are hampered by the fact that Jim is unaware he is being sought by kin. As they travel from town to town, Will and Jeff learn that Jim may be thought of as a killer but he is kind to people he finds in trouble and will kill only in self-defence.

The relationship of the old man and the young boy presents a touching and philosophical examination of life and provides for many moments of intense and heartwarming drama.

In the final episode, Will and Jeff find Jim and convince him to give up his life of running. With the hope of beginning new lives, the Sonnetts settle down in the town of Sampson.

Will becomes the sheriff and Jim and Jeff his deputies. Had the series been renewed, it would have focused on the Sonnetts’ attempts to maintain law and order in Sampson.

Will Sonnett
Walter Brennan
Jeff Sonnett
Dack Rambo
James Sonnett
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