Home Television Drama Gunslinger


1 9 6 1 (USA)
12 x 60 minute episodes

Titular gunslinger Cord (Tony Young) worked undercover with the Army solving situations that the US cavalry, trying to maintain law and order, found too hot to handle politically.

The cavalry officially washed its hands of Cord, maintaining distance and deniability in case of trouble. He received his assignments in secret and executed them fearlessly, with his gun always at the ready.

Fiery and tough Amby Hollister (Midge Ware) carried a torch for Cord.

Tony Young
Capt. Zachary Wingate
Preston Foster
Amby Hollister
Midge Ware
Billy Urchin
Dee Pollock
Sgt. Maj. Murdock
John Pickard
Pico McGuire
Charles H. Gray