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Harris Against the World

1 9 6 4 – 1 9 6 5 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Jack Klugman portrayed Alan Harris in Harris Against the World, sandwiched in between the two other shows (Karen and Tom, Dick and Mary) which aired under the umbrella title of 90 Bristol Court on NBC between 7:30 and 9:00 PM on Monday evenings.

The title referred to the fashionable Los Angeles apartment block where all three shows were set.

Harris worked as a plant superintendent at a big Hollywood movie studio. He frequently also worked some part-time jobs as well – all to support his spendthrift wife, Kate (Patricia Barry), and their two children, Deedee (Claire Wilcox) and Billy (David Macklin).

Alan had many problems in his daily life – money, family, his bosses, his job, and life in general. He moaned and complained about his troubles a lot, but underneath beat a heart of pure gold.

Good friends Helen (Fay DeWitt) and Norm (Sheldon Allman) Miller helped him cope.

Just like the other shows in the 90 Bristol Court triumvirate, Cliff Murdock (Guy Raymond) was the super and handyman.

Only one of the Bristol Court shows – Karen – survived the entire season.

Alan Harris
Jack Klugman
Kate Harris
Patricia Barry
Deedee Harris
Claire Wilcox
Billy Harris
David Macklin
Helen Miller
Fay DeWitt
Norm Miller
Sheldon Allman
Cliff Murdock
Guy Raymond


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