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1 9 6 6 (USA)
17 x 60 minute episodes

This ABC/Columbia crime drama series starred ex-stuntman Burt Reynolds as full-blooded Iroquois Indian (!) detective Lt John Hawk.

Assigned to the District Attorney’s Office in New York City, Hawk worked the graveyard shift (night beat) with his eager-beaver partner Detective Dan Carter (Wayne Grice) and was assigned cases by Assistant District Attorney Murray Slaken (Bruce Glover) and Assistant District Attorney Ed Gorton (Leon Janney).


While Hawk was a low-rating show (and was cancelled after only four months), it did no harm to Reynolds’ career.

Suddenly he was hot property and the gossip columnists called him the “new sensation”.

Reynolds moved back to Hollywood and the rest is history.

Lt. John Hawk 
Burt Reynolds
Detective Dan Carter
Wayne Grice
ADA Murray Slaken
Bruce Glover
ADA Ed Gorton
Leon Janney