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He Said, She Said

1 9 6 9 – 1 9 7 0 (USA)
23 x 30 minute episodes

Former major league catcher turned sportscaster Joe Garagiola hosted as four celebrity couples competed, playing for selected members of the studio audience.

The husbands appeared on camera while the wives were isolated backstage in a soundproof room. The husbands had to state a personal association that would hopefully trigger a response from the individual’s wife, to recognise it as what “he said”.

The wives were aired and seen through four monitors that were built into the set and placed before their mates.

The topic was given and one answer was revealed. The first wife to sound a buzzer signal received a chance to answer. If she matched the response her husband gave, she received points.

Round two was played in the same manner. Rounds three and four were played in reverse (he had to recognise what “she said”).

The highest-scoring team won $250 and a seven-day vacation at a Holiday Inn.

Celebrity guest competitors included Phyllis Diller, Betty White, George Carlin, Rudy Vallee, Sally Field, Julie London, Vidal Sassoon, Jim Backus, Dick Clark, Jack Klugman and Shirley Jones.

The format became popular again with the 1970’s game show, Tattletales with Bert Convy hosting.

Joe Garagiola
Johnny Olsen