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Herbs, The

1 9 6 8 (UK)
13 x 15 minute episodes

With the magic word “Herbidaceous” the gate to the walled garden of Sir Basil and Lady Rosemary would open revealing such wonderfully named characters as Dill the Dog, Sage the Owl (who was always falling out of his nest), Aunt Mint, Constable Napweed, Tarragon the Dragon, Signor Solidago, Mr Onion the Schoolteacher and his pupils the Chives, Bayleaf the Gardener, Pashana Bedhi (an Indian Fakir) and Belladonna (an evil witch).

The most famous of them all was a large-headed lion by the name of Parsley, who proved such a hit that he was spun off into his own series (The Adventures of Parsley) in 1970.

The Adventures of Parsley enjoyed seven consecutive years of repeats until it was finally dropped from schedules in the late 1970s.

Created by Michael Bond (of Paddington fame) and transmitted in the Watch With Mother lunchtime timeslot, The Herbs was directed by Ivor Wood who had previously worked on The Magic Roundabout.

The narrator was Gordon Rollings (Arkwright from the John Smith’s beer commercials).


Gordon Rollings


Parsley’s Tail | Sage’s Nest Blows | Belladonna the Witch | Tarragon and the Eggs | The Chives Catch Cold |Pashana Bedhi the Snake Charmer | Miss Jessop Tidies Up | Parsley and the Circus Lion | Sage’s Singing Lesson | Strawberry Picking | Sir Basil’s Fishing Expedition | The Show | Parsley’s Birthday Party