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Hero, The

1 9 6 6 (USA)
16 x 30 minute episodes

Actor Sam Garrett (Richard Mulligan) is a pleasant enough chap who lives in Los Angeles with his wife Ruth (Mariette Hartley) and son, Paul (Bobby Horan). He is also a bumbling klutz.

That wouldn’t matter except that millions of TV viewers know and idolise Sam as Jed Clayton, US Marshal, the fearless law enforcer he plays on a hit TV show.

Most of the comedy comes from sight gags, with Sam walking into doors, hammering his thumb when he hangs a picture, tripping over the scenery, getting his foot caught in a curtain rope and being hoisted off the floor, getting his trigger finger caught in a toy gun, etc etc.

Other Regulars included Sam’s neighbours Fred (Victor French) and Adele (Maureen Arthur) Gilman; their son, Burton (Joey Baio, Scott’s cousin); and Sam’s niece Marilyn (Laurel Goodwin).

The Gilman’s dog was named Brownie.

Sam Garret
Richard Mulligan
Ruth Garret
Mariette Hartley
Paul Garrett
Bobby Horan
Fred Gilman
Victor French
Adele Gilman
Maureen Arthur
Burton Gilman
Joey Baio
Laurel Goodwin
Jed Clayton Director
Norman Palmer