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Hey You!

1 9 6 7 (Australia)
16 x 30 minute episodes

This Australian sitcom was produced by ATV-0 Melbourne and written by John-Michael “Hollywood” Howson and Godfrey Philipp (the same team who created The Magic Circle Club).

The 30-minute episodes were set in a suburban Melbourne boarding house where the tenants included English con-man Hugh T. Worthington (Ernie Bourne) who passed himself off as a Major, and layabout Australian, Ocker Ramsay (Colin McEwan) who spent his time loafing about drinking beer and reading comics.

Ocker’s late mother had been a very good friend of the landlady, a kind-hearted widow called Myrtle McNugg (Margaret Reid), and before she died Mrs McNugg promised she would look after the boy at her house in Railway Crescent – which Ocker took full advantage of by living rent-free and drawing unemployment benefits.

Sue Israel played Miss Farthingale, a daffy, eccentric spinster who dabbled in mysticism. George Whaley played the highly-strung Simpkins, another lodger in the house who worked in a boutique and found the idiosyncrasies of the other boarders upsetting to his sensitive nature and nerves.

Episodes highlighted the clash of personalities between “cultured” Englishman Worthington and the recalcitrant Ocker – although they often teamed up together for dubious get-rich-quick schemes. The series was recorded before a live studio audience.

The show was eventually relegated to a late-night slot and was cancelled after 16 episodes.

Major Hugh T. Worthington
Ernie Bourne
Ocker Ramsay
Colin McEwan
Mrs Myrtle McNugg
Margaret Reid
Miss Farthingale
Su Israel
George Whaley


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