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High Living

1 9 6 9 – 1 9 7 1 (Scotland)
15 minute episodes

Scotland’s very first TV soap opera was about life in a Glasgow tower block and documented the lives of the Crombie family as they moved from a tenement into a new high-rise building known as Caulton Court.

Produced by Scottish Television, over 200 episodes were made.

The show quickly captured the imagination of the viewing public and especially the many folk living in Scotland’s high-rise flats – such as the Scottish Special Housing Association’s flats at the Wyndford Estate in Maryhill and Hutchesontown which appeared in the opening shots of the series every Thursday evening.

“Wyndford is like a ghost town around 7.30 pm on Thursday evenings,” said Mr John Blair, chairman of the Wyndford Tenants’ Association, at the time.

“We are following the series with great interest, and like to think the Crombies are typical of the tenants we have at Wyndford. In fact, we are thinking of sending them an enrolment form for membership of the tenant’s association.”

The final episode was broadcast on 19 August 1971 on Scottish Television.

A spin-off series entitled A Place of Her Own ran for 13 episodes in 1971, featuring a newly widowed Kate Crombie.

Tommy Crombie
John Buick
Kate Crombie
Clare Richards
Andy Crombie
Ken Henderson
Chrissie Crombie
Jennifer Angus
Gran Crombie
Betty Henderson
Kipper Lynch
Phil McCall
Nora Murdoch
Bobbie Willis