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1 9 6 6 (UK)
11 x 60 minute episodes

A lavish variety show from ITV that featured stars of television and music alongside circus acts.

It was produced in the gigantic studio five at Wembley and, as a co-production with the US network CBS, was produced using two sets of cameras – one in 405-line monochrome for the UK viewers, another in 525-line colour for US transmission.

The other advantage of US input was that the show could call on major stars from the other side of the Atlantic.

One such bill included the Everly Brothers, Dusty Springfield, circus acts Les Volants, Ruppert Bears and El Gran Tonisko, and the band of the Royal Air Force!

In another show, Woody Allen hosted and had to box with a kangaroo (pictured below). Plainly terrified, Woody lost on points.