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Holiday Lodge

1 9 6 1 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

This was the 1961 summer replacement for The Jack Benny Show.

Johnny Miller (Johnny Wayne) and Frank Boone (Frank Shuster) were the social and recreational directors at a posh resort hotel in Lake Holiday, California.

The comedic situations revolved around the wide variety of guests who came to enjoy the golf, swimming, gourmet food, and fabulous entertainment. The Canadian comedy duo Wayne and Shuster incorporated a bit of their stage act into each and every episode.

Also in the cast were Maureen Arthur as Johnny’s girlfriend Dorothy Jackson, Charles Smith as the nerdy bookworm Woodrow, and Justice Watson as J.W. Harrington, the blustery hotel manager who fired Johnny and Frank on a regular basis.

Johnny Miller
Johnny Wayne
Frank Boone
Frank Shuster
Dorothy Jackson
Maureen Arthur
Charles Smith
J.W. Harrington
Justice Watson



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