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Home Tonight

1 9 6 1 (UK)
40 x 15 minute episodes

A truly short-lived TV soap, Home Tonight lasted only eight weeks (40 episodes) in the Autumn of 1961.

David Hemmings (as Paul) and Patricia Brake (as Dot) were two of the cast in this story of the seaside Sutton family.

“Mummy didn’t leave us anything,” murmured one of the Sutton family as they mourned the mother’s death in the opening episode. “Yes, she did,” came the response, “she left us each other”.

It didn’t get any better and, reviewing the series in September 1961, The Observer remarked, “Associated-Rediffusion are helping to darken evenings a little earlier”.

Paul Sutton
David Hemmings
Dot Sutton
Patricia Brake
George Sutton
Andrew Laurence
Peter Sutton
Simon Prebble
Emma Sutton
Patricia Regan
Mrs Spindle
Hilda Campbell-Russell
Henry Sutton
Eric Phillips
William Sutton
John Downing
Tina Botelli
Jill Carson
Katherine Botelli
Margaret Denyer
Auntie Hilda Andrews
Peggy Paige
Uncle Tom Andrews
Malcolm Russell
Pauline Shepherd
Jane Sothern
Chalky White
Richard Klee
Rowena Torrance
Philip Little
Desmond Newling
Bruce Heighley
Wendy MacAdam