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1 9 6 7 (USA)
15 x 60 minute episodes

A Western drama series from ABC which screened on Friday evenings and was inspired by a 1953 John Wayne film of the same name.

The series told the stories of Hondo Lane (Ralph Taeger) who operated in 1869 during the time of the Indian wars in the Arizona Territory, accompanied by his faithful dog, Sam.


Hondo had once lived amongst the Apaches and had been married to Chief Vittorio’s beautiful daughter before she was killed in a US Cavalry raid.

Hondo was now willing to work as a troubleshooter for Colonel Crook (William Bryant) and the army to bring peace to the territory but still occasionally sought advice from the chief, bizarrely played by white Australian actor Michael Pate in greasepaint!

Hondo quickly fell victim to its Friday night competitor, Star Trek, and series star Ralph Taeger slipped into oblivion.

Hondo Lane 
Ralph Taeger
Buffalo Baker 

Noah Beery Jr
Angie Downe 

Kathie Browne
Chief Vittoro 

Michael Pate
Colonel Crook 

William Bryant
Johnny Dow 

Buddy Foster