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1 9 6 3 – 1 9 6 4 (USA)

This folk and country music jamboree was taped before different live audiences at various college campuses around the USA every week for one and a half years.

Capitalising on the popularity of the country and folk music craze among young people in America during the early 1960s, Hootenanny featured some of the top folk performers such as the Smothers Brothers, The Limelighters and The Chad Mitchell Trio, and popular country artists such as The Carter Family and Josh White.

The show might have been a longer-running hit than it was, had it not refused to book folk acts that had been branded as having left-wing sympathies in those Communist witch-hunting years. Such popular performers as The Weavers and singer Pete Seeger were barred from the show.

Big name folk and country acts like The Kingston TrioJoan Baez and Peter, Paul and Mary refused to appear on the show because of these unjust actions.