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Hugh and I

1 9 6 2 – 1 9 6 7 (UK)
69 x 30 minute episodes

Lobelia Avenue, Tooting, was the home of Mrs Scott (Vi Stevens), her troublesome, unemployed son Terry (Terry Scott), and their lodger Hugh (Hugh Lloyd), a worker at a local aircraft factory.


The two lads became involved in many crackpot and fabulous “get rich quick” schemes, and constantly found themselves in hot water, with the bumptious, over-ambitious Terry leading the timid, fretful Hugh astray.

On one side of the Scotts lived the Crispins – him a loudmouth and her a snob – and their daughter, Norma, an object of lust for the boys. On the other side lived the Wormolds.

In the final series, Terry and Hugh went on a cruise to the far east, paid for out of the £5,000 Hugh had won with a Premium Bond.

This inoffensive BBC sitcom was the creation of writer John Chapman and producer David Croft, and featured the first wonderful pairing of Scott and Lloyd.

The duo were later reunited in Hugh and I Spy (1968) and the hilarious Gnomes of Dulwich (1969).

Hugh Lloyd
Hugh Lloyd
Terry Scott
Terry Scott
Mrs Scott
Vi Stevens
Mrs Crispin
Mollie Sugden
Mr Crispin
Wallas Eaton
Norma Crispin
Jacquie Wallis (1)
Jill Curzon (2)
Arthur Wormold
Cyril Smith (1)
Jack Haig (2)
Griselda Wormold
Patricia Hayes
Wendy Richard