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Human Jungle, The

1 9 6 3 – 1 9 6 4 (UK)
26 x 60 minute episodes

Herbert Lom starred as eminent Harley Street psychiatrist, Dr Roger Corder, a specialist in emotional distress.

He was a wealthy man whose father had been a Swiss brain specialist, his mother a concert violinist, and although he had the perfect connections to work on the neuroses of the rich, he chose instead to devote his time to help people with real problems.


Dividing his time between his Harley Street practice and St Damian’s hospital, Dr Corder was neither an orthodox prescription-pad psychiatrist nor a strict ‘talking cure’ therapist, favouring a maverick ad-hoc approach that was as influenced by the fashionable ‘anti-psychiatry’ of R.D. Laing as by Freud.

Workaholic Corder enjoyed a good relationship with his junior colleague, Dr Jimmy Davis (Michael Johnson), and his supportive secretary, Nancy Hamilton (Mary Yeomans), and stories revolved around the various cases they undertook, with Corder heading out and about to meet his patients in their own surroundings (where he could understand them better).

During a typical week, he would help mothers who couldn’t cope with their children, fathers who had run away from their homes and their responsibilities, young people fighting against authority and those who, having lost all self-respect, had also lost the will to live.

One of his toughest cases involved a young Joan Collins (pictured at right) playing a girl found walking naked through London’s Underground (like you do).

Corder, a widower in his late forties, (his wife having died in a plane crash), spent most of his off-duty time struggling to bring up their determined teenage daughter Jennifer (Sally Smith).

Dr Roger Corder
Herbert Lom
Jennifer Corder
Sally Smith
Dr Jimmy Davis
Michael Johnson
Nancy Hamilton
Mary Yeomans