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I’ve Married a Bachelor

1 9 6 8 – 1 9 6 9 (Australia)
14 x 30 minute episodes

Peter Prentiss (Peter Whitford) is recently married but forever fighting to break with his old bachelor habits – beer, rugby union, poker games and his mates – and while his wife, Molly (June Thody) is very tolerant, she is not beyond devious means to achieve her own ends.

Molly is aided in her constant struggle by her mother, Mrs Malloy (Aileen Britton, one of Australia’s best-known radio actresses), from whom she often accepts help and advice.

Peter could only rely on his dim-witted best mate, Mervyn MacGregor (Donald McDonald), a source of constant disruption and disaster in the Prentiss household.

Guest stars included Ruth Cracknell, June Salter, Barry Creyton, Norman Yemm and Reg Gorman.

Two series of seven episodes each were produced in Sydney by the Australian ABC network. Viewers quickly warmed to the series and it remained popular throughout its run and won a TV Week Logie award for Best Comedy Series in 1968.

Peter Prentiss
Peter Whitford
Molly Prentiss
June Thody
Mervyn MacGregor
Donald McDonald
Mrs Malloy
Aileen Britton


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