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Judge Dee

1 9 6 9 (UK)
6 x 60 minute episodes

Michael Goodliffe starred as Judge Dee, a serving Chinese magistrate in various provincial towns who acted as a detective, prosecutor, judge and jury all in one.

Aided by his two assistants, Tao Gan (Garfield Morgan) and Ma Joong (Arne Gordon), Dee’s power was formidable.

Unfortunately, the series was not a ratings success and critics complained of the show’s excessive concentration on Dee’s relationship with his wives rather than the crime he was investigating, and the intrusive dance routines that appeared to interrupt the plot of each episode.

Judge Dee
Michael Goodliffe
Tao Gan
Garfield Morgan
Ma Joong
Arne Gordon
Sun Dew
Penny Casdagli
Susan Lefton
Rose Tree
Pamela Roland
Norman Scace
Kuan Lai
David Ashton