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Just Jimmy

1 9 6 4 – 1 9 6 8 (UK)
45 x 30 minute episodes

The misadventures of unruly schoolboy Jimmy, played by the legendary British midget-comic Jimmy Clitheroe who was already a household name thanks to a number of successful radio series.

His most famous catchphrase were “Don’t some mothers ’ave ’em”, “I’m all there with me cough drops” (a Lancashire expression for someone quick-witted), and, when he got into a scrape (which he frequently did), “Ooh, flippin’ ’eck”.

James Robinson ‘Jimmy’ Clitheroe died on 6 June 1973 aged 51. He was found unconscious on the morning of his mother’s funeral and died later the same day.

An inquest found that his death was due to an accidental overdose of sleeping pills.

Jimmy Clitheroe
Mrs Clitheroe 

Mollie Sugden

Danny Ross