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1 9 6 4 – 1 9 6 5 (USA)
28 x 30 minute episodes

Once upon a time, there was a 90-minute block of 30-minute sitcoms on Monday nights under the umbrella title 90 Bristol Court.

Here was the story of three different Southern California families who all lived in the same apartment complex. They all shared the same handyman, Cliff Murdock (Guy Raymond).

The three shows were Harris Against the World, with Jack Klugman, Tom, Dick and Mary, with Don Galloway and Joyce Bulifant, and Karen (not to be confused with the Karen Valentine sitcom com of the same name). This Karen starred Debbie Watson as 16-year-old Karen Scott.

Harvey Korman was originally considered for the part of her lawyer dad, Steve, but Richard Denning won the role. Mary La Roche played Karen’s mother, Barbara, and Gina Gillespie was her tomboy sister, Mimi.

A very young Richard Dreyfuss appeared occasionally as David Rowe III and Teddy Quinn played Mimi’s friend, Peter.

At Steve’s law office was secretary Miss Skinner portrayed by Barbara Werle. Another character, basketball player Wilbur “Spider” Gibson (Murray MacLeod), was added very late in the series’ run.

After 13 weeks, there were some changes in the neighbourhood at Ninety Bristol Court. Harris Against the World and Tom, Dick and Mary were cancelled, but Karen got to stay for the remainder of the season.

Karen Scott
Debbie Watson
Steve Scott
Richard Denning
Barbara Scott
Mary La Roche
Mimi Scott
Gina Gillespie
Teddy Quinn
David Rowe III
Richard Dreyfuss
Miss Skinner
Barbara Werle
Cliff Murdock
Guy Raymond
Wilbur “Spider” Gibson
Murray MacLeod