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King Family Show, The

1 9 6 5 – 1 9 6 6 (USA)
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The King Sisters – Yvonne, Luise, Marilyn, Alyce, Maxine and Donna – had been a popular singing group during the big band era of the 1940s.

They returned to show business in 1965 with their own weekly musical variety TV show on ABC, which was based on a successful appearance by the sisters on The Hollywood Palace and was very popular for a time.

Also featured in the show were Luise’s husband, Alvino Rey, with his orchestra, and over 35 other members of the King family (including the girls’ father who was 79) who sang, danced, and were just generally living proof that a family who played together stayed together.

Brothers, husbands, cousins, nephews, nieces, and even children and toddlers all made appearances on the show, but the novelty quickly wore off and after a brief hiatus from 1966 until 1969, followed by a brief revival in 1969, the show was cancelled and faded into television history.

Alyce King Clarke died on 23 August 1996, from respiratory problems, aged 81. Luise King Rey died on 4 August 1997, aged 83, from cancer.

Donna King Conkling died on 16 June  2007, aged 88, in Plano, Texas. Maxine King Thomas died on 13 May 2009, aged 97. Yvonne King Burch died on 13 December  2009, aged 89, after suffering a fall at her home in Santa Barbara, California.

Marilyn King died on 7 August 2013, aged 82, from cancer. She was the last surviving sister.