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Let’s Play Post Office

1 9 6 5 – 1 9 6 6 (USA)

This game show aired in colour on weekdays, Monday to Friday, in the early afternoon.

Three contestants viewed a giant game board shaped like an envelope bearing a stamp indicating the value of the letter ($5 to $100) and a cancellation mark showing the date and place the letter was mailed.

They were then presented with a fictitious letter that could have been written by a celebrity or a historical character.

The letter was then read out a line at a time [“I travelled down a river with Robert Mitchum”] and as soon as a contestant recognised the sender, they interrupted the host and wrote their answer on a card [Marilyn Monroe from the film The River of No Return].

The quicker the contestant could name the correct author the better because, as more of the letter and its clues were revealed, its value decreased.

When all the contestants had made their guesses, host Don Morrow finished the letter and gave the correct answer.

Those who were right won the amount of money the letter was worth when they interrupted the host. The highest scorer at the end of the show received merchandise prizes.

Don Morrow