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Letters from the Dead

1 9 6 8 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Peter Allery (Norman Bowler) arrives in Leysham to see if his ex-wife has recovered after an illness. He stays long enough to find himself involved in a brutal murder.

The murder seems to be motiveless but Chief Inspector Reaygo (Glyn Owen) thinks it may be connected with a strange religious sect – “Space Spirit Meditation” – whose headquarters are in the village.

This six-part thriller was from Southern Television.

Peter Allery
Norman Bowler
Richard Coleman
Sgt. Maitland
Michael Graham
Chief Insp. Reaygo
Glyn Owen
Damien Anthony
John Stratton
Pippa Hales
Jayne Sofiano
Robert Lorraine
Anthony Newlands
Miss Doan
Anne Brooke
Tom Healey
Leon Collins
Kay Allery
Jan Carey
Inspector Rowlands
Stacy Davies
Reverend Toynbee
Fulton Mackay
Mrs Arding
Shelagh Wilcocks


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