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Liars, The

1 9 6 6 (UK)
13 x 50 minute episodes

This Granada Television series aired on Friday nights and featured an anthology of tall stories (four per episode) from Ian Ogilvy, William Mervyn, Nyree Dawn Porter and Isla Blair – with additional guest appearances.

Setting the outrageous tale-telling example was Sir Gerald (William Mervyn, pictured below left), baronet, clubman and boulevardier. Face him with a bore in a bar and he would demolish him with a tale-topper in no time.

He was the idol and inspiration of his pretty 21-year-old niece, Sarah (Isla Blair, pictured above right) and his 22-year-old nephew Rupert (Ian Ogilvy, pictured below right). Nyree Dawn Porter played the vampish Hermione (pictured below left).

The four would attempt to outdo each other with tall-tales and embellished yarns, leaving the viewer to decide if the stories had any truth or were just a pack of lies.

Sir Gerald
William Mervyn
Nyree Dawn Porter
Isla Blair
Ian Ogilvy