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Mack and Myer For Hire

1 9 6 3 (USA)
202 x 15 minute episodes

Mack (Mickey Deems) was a pessimist and Myer (Joey Faye) was an eternal optimist. They were friends and New York roommates who made a living working odd jobs.

Mack and Myer were both very kindhearted guys, but their good deeds almost invariably backfired.

Deems and Faye were long-time friends and had most recently worked together on Broadway in Sid Caesar’s show, Little Me. The two actors were very comfortable working with one another and never really rehearsed.

They did a basic read-through while in the makeup chair, and then the filming commenced.

The budget for the show was extremely small, so there weren’t a lot of big-name guest stars and there were very few scene changes.

The series was filmed at the Hempstead Film Studios, and the same laugh track used for The Patty Duke Show was used on this show.

Two fifteen-minute episodes were always shown back-to-back to fill a half-hour on air.

Mickey Deems
Joey Faye