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Me Mammy

1 9 6 9 – 1 9 7 1 (UK)
20 x 30 minute episodes

Forty-year-old Bunjy Kennefick (Milo O’Shea) was an Irishman living and working in London. An executive with a large West End company, he drove a flashy car and lived in an expensive Regents Park flat.

His secretary, Miss Argyll (Yootha Joyce), was also his girlfriend.

Unfortunately, his widowed mother (Anna Manahan) had also crossed the Irish Sea (along with her collection of plaster statues of various saints) and, being a devout Catholic, was reluctant to give up her innocent son to the heady delights of the English capital – and to Miss Argyll in particular.

A later addition to the cast was Bunjy’s camp cousin Enda (David Kelly), another exile from the Emerald Isle.

The series began life as a Comedy Playhouse pilot in 1968.

Bunjy Kennefick
Milo O’Shea
Mrs Kennefick

Anna Manahan
Miss Argyll

Yootha Joyce
Cousin Enda

David Kelly
Father Patrick

Ray McAnally


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The Night Me Mammy Snuffed It | The Day the Saints Went Marching Out | The First Time I Saw Paris | The Day Concepta Got England

The Night Miss Argyll Got Canonised | Me Mammy’s Tomb | The Night We Saw Old Nick | The Last of the Red-Hot Mammies | The Night Enda Entered a Convent | The Night I Left the Church | The Morning After Finnegan’s Wake

The Day We Went Dutch | The Night the Banshee Brought Me Home | The Day I Got Engaged | The Day I Went Commercial | The Sacred Chemise of Miss Argyll | The Mammy Murder Case | How to be a Mammy in Law