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Man Called Harry Brent, A

1 9 6 5 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Company director Tom Fielding (Gerald Young) is murdered by an unknown woman in his office. His secretary, Carol (Jennifer Daniel) is in an unfortunate position as she has recently broken off her engagement to Detective Inspector Alan Milton (Gerald Harper), who is put in charge of investigating the murder.

Milton finds that his ex-fiancée is engaged again – this time to travel agent Harry Brent (Australian actor Edward Brayshaw, pictured below).

Soon there are clues coming out of the woodwork – a fountain pen, a cigarette pack, a sports coat, theatre tickets, and witnesses revealing all manner of snippets of conversations – but Milton doesn’t know what any of the clues mean.

The Inspector learns of Brent’s connection with Jacqueline Dawson (Judy Parfitt), a valuable lead in the case who directs him to Brent’s flat – where a second body is discovered, that of Kevin Jason (Alan Hockey), an apparent “business contact”.

It turns out that Brent’s travel agency is a front for a covert intelligence operation which DI Milton has inadvertently stumbled across, inadvertently putting both Bent and Carol in danger.

This BBC2 series was written by Francis Durbridge and directed by Alan Bromly.

Harry Brent
Edward Brayshaw
Detective Inspector Alan Milton
Gerald Harper
Carol Vyner
Jennifer Daniel
Eric Vyner
Bernard Brown
Det. Sgt. Roy Philips
Peter Ducrow
Harold Tolly
Brian Wilde
Jacqueline Dawson
Judy Parfitt
Mrs Tolly
Marion Mathie
Reg Bryer
John Horsley
Christopher Wray
Kevin Jason
Alan Hockey
Mark Rainer
Leon Shepperdson
Brian Filey
Michael Warren
Barbara Smith
Audine Leith
Tom Fielding
Gerald Young


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