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Man In A Suitcase

1 9 6 7 – 1 9 6 8 (UK)
30 x 55 minute episodes

One of the best examples of ITC’s stable of 60s spy/action series. Man In A Suitcase featured a charismatic performance by imported American star Richard Bradford as McGill, a disgraced former CIA operative wrongly accused of treason (isn’t it always the way?) and exiled to England where he is forced to make a precarious living in a dirty and thankless job as a freelance private investigator and bounty hunter, living out of a suitcase containing only a change of clothes and a gun.

McGill is world-weary, cynical and possessed of a hair-trigger temper which often leads to sudden unexpected shocking outbursts of violence. Bradford said he was trying to show McGill as a “real human being” not a superman.

maninsuitcase_003 maninsuitcase_004

There are no colourful megalomaniacs attempting to take over the world in the shadowy byways and seedy London drinking clubs he frequents. Just flawed human beings whose greed, jealousy, and hate provide him with the $300 – $600 per week (plus expenses) needed for a reasonably comfortable survival in the world’s most swinging city.

Man In A Suitcase also featured one of the best and catchiest theme tunes, composed by Ron Grainger.

John McGill 
Richard Bradford