Home Television Drama Manhunt


1 9 6 9 (UK)
26 x 60 minute episodes

Manhunt told the story of three resistance fighters on the run from the Nazi’s in wartime France.

Each week, Jimmy (Alfred Lynch), “Nina” (Cyd Hayman) and Vincent (Peter Barkworth) just managed to escape the nasty Germans played by Philip Madoc and Robert Hardy.

As usual with period dramas, viewers spotted slips in historical accuracy; A German officer wore the wrong collar, A real-life flying ace mentioned as operational was actually a POW at the time and Alfred Lynch’s character said he had flown Spitfire’s but the squadron he mentioned, in reality, flew only bombers.

In addition, the sets were cheap and flimsy, the lighting was horrible, and technical glitches (such as boom microphones sneaking into the shots) were common.

Midway through the series, a format change took place, with the regulars splitting up, and Maggie Fitzgibbon coming on board as an Australian nightclub singer called Adelaide (pictured below).

Maggie proved very popular and returned to television in her own LWT variety series, Maggie’s Place, in 1970.

Squadron Leader Jimmy Briggs
Alfred Lynch
Peter Barkworth
Nina (Anne-Marie Poitiers)
Cyd Hayman
Philip Madoc
Abwehr Sergeant Gratz
Robert Hardy
General Von Trenow
Richard Hurndall
Maggie Fitzgibbon