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Miami Undercover

1 9 6 1 (USA)
38 x 30 minute episodes

“This is Miami Beach and it’s quite a town. The richest ten-mile stretch of sand in the world. We have the simple things of nature – sun and sea and sand and the tropical breezes. Anybody can go native in half an hour. My name is Jeff Thompson, I’m a personal investigator for the Hotel Association. Most people think I’m a playboy and that’s the way it’s supposed to be because I work without credentials in Miami Undercover

Jeff Thompson (Lee Bowman) was a private detective who worked undercover for the Hotel Owners Association in Miami Beach.

Former boxing legend (he was world middleweight champion in the 1940s) Rocky Graziano costarred as Thompson’s strongman offsider.

Mike O’Malley (Hugh Lawrence) was the Miami Police Department Lieutenant who helped Jeff (and who Jeff helped).

The theme music, Miami Undercover was by Johnny Green.

Jeff Thompson
Lee Bowman
Rocky Graziano
Lt. Mike O’Malley
Hugh Lawrence


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